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I love this gospel - November 7, 2017 - Rancho Cucamonga

​Life is great when your outfit matches the scenery! πŸ˜„
My dearest Mommy Mom,

Thank you for your email and especially for the pieces of those talks. I really needed that. My weaknesses have been distracting me way more than I am wanting them too. But that little reminder helped me so much!!

You are doing so awesome! I sincerely DO NOT deny that you are working your absolute hardest in all that you do. For 20 years I have been able to see nothing short of diligent effort towards anything that you face. Preston tells me how much you do and how much he is grateful for your help in his preparation for his mission. Really mom, thank you for all that you do!!!!!!!❤❤❤ I love you!!!

K that is so cool that you are willing to learn more about piano! Even when you are a master!!! It reminds me of Elder Eyring and how he said that even he, an apostle, accepted the challenge from President Monson to improve his scripture study. That goes to show that no matter how much you know or how much skill you have, there is always room for improvement!!

Michael McLean was amazing!! Everyone was welcome to the fireside but the crowd consisted of 80% missionaries. It was fabulous! I learned so much from him. I wish I brought my notes so I could share some of it with you!

Last week was awesome!! We had zone conference which is always super uplifting. We received two new investigators through our finding efforts and they are awesome! Last night we were fed by a group of non-members from Arabia! It was the coolest thing ever and all of them wanted to learn what we believed! It was super intimidating because they are very deeply rooted in Catholicism but we clarified so many misconceptions that they had about the church. IT WAS AWESOME!! Such a great missionary opportunity to teach those people about the gospel. 

​Zone conference with Sister Weir! I LOVE HER!!
​These are the people that fed us last night! So what happened was they were all hanging out in their garage and being loud so we didn't intend to talk to them cause it didn't seem like a safe situation. One of them called out to us so he could ask us some questions. Like I said it turned into awesome opportunity to share the gospel and we made great friends and then they fed us Arabic food! It was so cool!!
I love this gospel and I love my savior and I'm grateful for this chance to serve.


Sister Allred

​Good ol' California❤

From Mom:
I am looking forward to going to the temple this month. We are also going to the Cedar City Temple Open House on Wednesday night. I will let you know how that goes. We are excited. We are going with Ben and Lindsay, Preston, and Grandma. Spencer and Gentry are going with the youth next week. 

I listened to Elder Neil L. Anderson's talk this morning: "Then yesterday we heard the now 93-year-old President Russell M. Nelson speak of President Thomas S. Monson’s plea to “each of us [in last April’s conference] to prayerfully study and ponder the Book of Mormon each day.”

And Preston and I listened to that talk of Pres. Monson just tonight, and his admonition to each of us to study the Book of Mormon. It is truly amazing that we have a prophet of God.

I love my Savior. I know He is there for us, and that He will heal us as we come unto Him.

Please know that I pray for you constantly, that you will be protected, and have the spirit with you.

Be strong and of a good courage, my beautiful missionary! May the angels be round about you to bear you up!

I love you to the moon and back!
Mommy Mom

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