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Tender Mercies - January 21, 2017 - MTC

Here is my district. I LOVE THEM!

January 21, 2017


I LOVE YOU! We just got back from the temple. Ah it was so amazing! My comp and I had breakfast at the temple and it was sooooo good! And it was only 4 dollars :) hahaha. My week was actually pretty rough. I think it was on Tuesday.... I got a really bad migraine. I don’t think I had ever had one that bad. My teacher insisted that we go over to the health clinic. So if you saw me pay $10 at the health clinic THATS WHY! I had to take a nap in the middle of the day to help it. I was getting really mad and upset because I was feeling pretty worthless. Anyways the doctor told me that things like that happen to missionaries all the time because of the schedule and also the florescent lights which is kinda weird but I guess that’s one thing that triggers it. My companion is really is amazing and she’s super smart!!!! We did A LOT of role-playing this week and I’ve been improving a lot! I love noticing my knowledge of the gospel expand and my testimony builds each day. Missionary work is the best!!!!!! I wasn’t able to make it to the devotional on Tuesday because of my migraine. I was so sad!! But everyone filled me in on what they learned. I really do have the best district and zone! We all (the sisters) give each other hugs CONSTANTLY!! I gained like 15 new sisters hahaha its the best! But I miss juna and lindz!!! Give them a hug for me!

So on Sunday...oh my gosh it was the best...we had a devotional and we watched elder bednar give a talk about the character of Christ. You can only see it in the MTC. IT WAS AMAAAAZZZZZING!!!!!! There were a lot of tears shed that night! It was the best motivation that I think a missionary could receive.

MTC comps for life!

We’ve been teaching this elderly lady this week. Her name is Sydney. She’s an "investigator" that wants to know which church is true. We talk 4 or 5 times this week and last night was our last lesson with her. She is suuuuper stubborn! But we love her! Everything we have taught her "makes sense" to her but she won’t commit to baptism! She’s preparing us! I imagine we will get a lot of investigators like that! Teaching is super fun and super scary! But I’m getting better on listening to the spirit! It’s the coolest feeling ever when you open your mouth and the spirit puts the words in your mouth. It’s happened a couple times already. It’s so cool!!!!

So yeah this week was super rough! But there were multiple tender mercies from heavenly father. When I had a migraine...all I really wanted was a good meal haha. Sure enough they served salmon that night!!!! And yesterday when I was having a hard time, I over heard a missionary on the piano that Preston and me used to listen to ALL THE TIME! Tell him they were playing "where is my mind". I don’t know if they were allowed to play it because it’s clearly not a hymn but it made me so happy the whole rest of the day. I miss Preston! He’s my best friend! Another little tender mercy... a couple days ago, my comp and me walked past 2 elders. Missionaries always say "hi" to us in whatever language their studying. Haha I love it. So anyways those 2 elders walked by us and said "hi" in Hmong. I don’t know how to spell it. But I was like " OMG are you speaking Hmong!?!?!" and they were like "Yeah! What the heck how did you know??" and I told them about corg and the 3 words I knew in Hmong hahahahahaha!!! God is so good! He is always there for me when I need him and I know he is so aware of all of us and our needs!

You’ll do amazing for your lesson tomorrow mom!!! I’m going to really miss seeing my mommy teach! Oh my gosh, I LOVE the Book of Mormon! I’m reading a ton and its crazy how much my testimony is strengthening! Mom I love that about the talk you read yesterday. I feel my Saviors love all day everyday. Especially when things get really hard! I always feel him lifting me up and helping me get through the day. Like I said last week, I love wearing his name over my heart. There’s something about putting that name tag on each morning. Christ called all of his missionaries to be his disciples. Something my teacher told us this week was how amazing we should feel to be a missionary. We are doing His work! We are filling his place on preaching the gospel to all of God’s children. I try to always remember that when I put my precious nametag on.

My shoulder bag is working out great!! I always get compliments on it! Thank you for sending my pants!!!! And thank you for the cliff bars! Those are my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eating healthy is extremely hard in the MTC. They have so many good treats!!!! UGHHH! And yes I got the dress and I love it!!! It’s so pretty!!!!

I know I am supposed to be here and I know I have been called by God to serve the people in California! Being a missionary is the best thing I have ever done and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else than to serve our lord and Savior for 18 months! The church is true and the book is blue!!!!

God be with you till we meet again

I hope Grandma is doing well! Give her a hug for me!

Sister Allred


From Melissa Johnson: Look who I ran into tonight! Beautiful Sister Allred! Pretty nostalgic, makes me miss St George and Dr Nancy Larson Allred, my piano professor from Dixie. Sister Larson is doing really well! :)


From Mom: "I just read this quote from Elder Holland (from a devotional at the Salt Lake Institute)":

Elder Holland quoted Don Schollander, a world-renowned swimmer who set 37 U.S. records, 22 world records and was voted into International Swimming Hall of Fame at age 19.

"In top competition, a whole new ingredient enters swimming — pain," Schollander once told reporters at a press conference. "You learn the pain in practice and you will know it in every race. ... Most swimmers back away. If you push through the pain barrier into real agony, you're a champion."

Added Elder Holland:: "It is not coincidental that the word that’s used for Christ’s experience Gethsemane is that he was in ‘an agony.’ If we say we’re disciples of Christ ... we will on occasion be in agony. And I bless you that when those moments come, contemporary issues, historical complexities, personal problems at home, challenges in a mission or a marriage, wherever it is, I pray and ask and bless you to the end that you will be strong."

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