Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Promptings - April 24, 2017 - Apple Valley

Mommy mom!!!!! 

Ohhhhhh my goodness I LOVE THE REDLANDS TEMPLE!!! IT'S STUNNING!! The spirit was just so sweet. My spiritual tank was FULL! I cannot wait to go back!!!

TRANSFERS!!!! My new companion is sister Clarke!!!!!!!! She is the sweetest thing on the face of the earth! We have been in the same zone since I got here. I became really good friends with her and her companion very fast and now she is my companion!! Wow I am so pumped! She is a super hard worker and genuinely cares about everyone! Mom I am so happy with her!

So yes, I met with the mission counselor! It was fun because we went down the hill to Rancho and of course I love going there because it's gorgeous and the weather is perfect! So, it was a nice little day off and I was able to get a lot of things off my chest. I will be continuing on with the counseling so we can get a good grasp on my anxiety. Brother Donovan (the mission counselor) would like to see how me and sister Clarke hit it off before we decide to put me back on medication. So, we will see how that goes! I have another appointment with him on May 4th.

Mom! Isn't your birthday May 5th or May 6th?? I have something to send you for your birthday/Mother’s Day. But odds are that it will come way late!!

Suggestion for Preston! I think it would be a GREAT idea for him to do some school before he serves. Missionaries are going home way too often. They are just not prepared. Taking a semester or two will help him get into the rhythm of staying productive and working hard. I wish I worked harder before my mission! 

I wish I could have seen his talk! And I miss hearing my mommy mom teach because you are such and incredible teacher and you follow the spirit! I miss that spirit that you bring mom!!!! I pray for grandma daily. She is such a fighter! We have such a loving and giving family. It brings be a lot of comfort that she is well taken care of.

So about last week. We have a lot of drama going on in our ward!! We are praying strongly for our ward. Also, our recent converts are drowning themselves with doubts BUT I recently received very clear revelation on exactly what they need. Mom you were truly inspired with those talks you sent me. I NEEDED them. Miracle moment! After I read those 2 beautiful talks, the still small voice told me to give them to our recent converts. So, I did. I believe it’s one the few things that they need right now. You weren't only inspired to send them to me because they needed them too. I was hesitant on giving the talks to them. I was afraid they would be annoyed. At the temple, when we were sitting in the celestial room, I was talking to Heavenly Father. I came to Him with some of my concerns, one of them being how I am supposed to act on promptings or how I know it is the spirit talking to me. It's a little silly but that was just on my mind. The answer I was given really hit home for me. The spirit basically told me to get over myself haha of course in a nicer way but that's what I got! He told me that not every time I get a prompting and act on it, it won't ALWAYS be this huge miraculous experience! Which is honestly what I have been wanting/ expecting to happen which is so annoying of me! What the most important is that whenever I receive a prompting to do something, whether big or small, I act on it. I feel it's disrespectful to God and the Holy Ghost when we do not act on our promptings. God will not be mocked! HUGE lesson learned for me! I am so grateful for that humbling experience! So yes, I gave our recent converts those talks. I may not ever know the outcome of acting on that prompting and that is okay! What matters is that I did what the spirit told me to do. The spirit is amazing! I am feeling more and more confident with the spirit. It's such a tricky thing! I will try to always remember that recent conference talk (I don't remember who gave it) but what I got out of it was to always act on the first prompting! You never know what could happen unless you act!

One last thing is that we have a new investigator! She was a referral from the Spanish sisters. Her name is M😄she is very Christian, she loves animals (which is cool for me haha), she has a teenage daughter who is super sweet, and she is excited to learn more about the church! I will tell you more about her next Monday! We are so excited to teach her! 

Well that pretty much wraps up the highlights of last week! This week is going to be so good. I can feel it! 

I love you mom! Seriously thank you so much for everything!!!! I cannot thank you enough for being the perfect mommy mom for me! I can't possibly express how much I love you! I just love you tons!!! Tell everyone I say "Hi" and that I love them and give everyone all hugs for me! I hope you have a wonderful week! I pray for you daily!!!!

Love your dearest Sister Allred

P.S. Can I buy a cheap speaker for my iPod? Also thank you so much for the Easter package, the CD's and the cute stickers!!! You are the sweetest mom!!!

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