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Mother's Day - May 15, 2017 - Apple Valley

Mommy mom!

Thank you for your wonderful email! I loved reading it! I am so glad to hear that you are working hard at school, helping Preston stay on track, keeping grandma safe, you are doing so much good! 

I LOVED seeing you all yesterday! Mom! You are looking great! I imagine you are very tired but you looked energized. You were beaming! I felt bad I didn't get to talk much with you and grandma. I wanted to focus a bit more on you two because it was Mother’s Day and I love you sooooo much but that didn't really happen! Will you tell grandma how much I love and cherish her sweet letters that she has sent me on the mission? I appreciate her so much. 

So, I sent you a few little things including a letter. Let me know when you get it. I intended to have it to you by Mother’s Day but I guess I didn't send it soon enough! P.S. the letter wasn't as long or as meaningful as I wanted it but I did rush a bit to write it and I left a lot of things out that I wanted to write down. I will send you another letter to make up for it!

There isn't much to report on! Haha most of the things that I would have told you today I told you yesterday. 

MOM! Ohhhhhh my. I am so grateful you sent those manuals to me!! I am learning so much it's crazy! I am in love with the scriptures! Especially now because I can understand them with the help of the manuals! 

Also....wearing new garments is just a little tender mercy. Haha! I just feel good!

Sister Ysasaga (me best friend) says "hi". Hahaha, she wanted me to say that! She was our former STL (sister training leader). 😄

Well my goodness mom. I love this work so much! During zone activity today, I was talking to one of our STLs, Sister Quiroz. (I always sit out from zone activity because I'm trying to be careful with my knee and she was keeping me company🙂). She is going home in a couple of weeks. I asked her what she has learned while serving her mission. What she told me I thought was so sweet. She said "I learned 2 main things out here. 1. That God loves me. 2. How to love God back." I love that!! Most of us know that God loves us but do we all show that we love him back? I feel we can all go the extra mile to show Heavenly Father that we love Him by becoming like our Savior little by little each and every day.  I will strive to show God that I love Him every day by doing my best to have faith in Him, to have hope, charity and love for others, to be virtuous, to increase my knowledge of the gospel, to have patience with myself and others, to have humility, to be diligent in our missionary work, and to be more obedient! These are all Christlike attributes. 

Something that I love that Sister Clarke and I are doing is that we have been working on one specific Christlike attribute every week. Last week we worked on having more patience and my goodness Heavenly Father gave us little and big things to be patient over all week! We both prayed to be more patient so basically he took that and was like "Alright, you both want to learn patience? No problem!" *BAM* puts us in situations that requires patience! Hahaha, I love how Heavenly Father works!!

Let us all work on things to become more like Christ! It's fun and challenging! Hahaha! We will be so blessed and it will show God that we love Him! 

Have a wonderful week my mommy mom! Remember that I love you dearly! 

We'll bring the world His truth!

Sister Allred

From Mom:
Grandma and I have talked all day about how darling you were yesterday and how we loved listening to you. That's the best Mother's Day I could ever ask for. Love you so much!!!!

Mommy mom

From Sister Allred:
OHHH MOMMY MOM!!! I love you!!!!!


We were being goofy in our matching leggings!

My beautiful family!

Right after we skyped and were driving home we spotted this sign😂

Right after we skyped and were driving home we spotted this sign😂

Last night we made a fort and it was, no joke, the best night's sleep we've had on the mission!


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