Thursday, July 19, 2018

Miracles - May 8, 2017 - Apple Valley


My week was wonderful! You are so right. The kind of tired we are is definitely the best kind of tired!

We get packages every week on p-day. I hope the garments and manuals have arrived! I've been looking forward to it all week! Preston sent me a letter?? Okay forgive my ungratefulness. Mom he is so special! I talk about gike all the time to Sister Clarke. He is truly my best friend! And he is such a hard worker and is so caring. He just loves people. Especially his family!

I have something that I am sending today for you for Mother’s Day. If it arrives by Sunday, wait to open it until we skype!! 

How was graduation?? Also have you gotten Preston's graduation invitations? If so, can I have one???? 

Have you gotten a DVD of dad's funeral yet? I am still eager to watch it!

Thank you, mom, for sending that talk to me and your stake conference notes!! I really needed that!

Oh, my goodness I imagine adjusting to a new schedule is way hard! Especially because you had this perfect little schedule for you for so long! I know you already know this, but you will be so blessed for your efforts! After all, charity is the pure love of Christ! There is no way to show grandma your love than by helping her. You're such a saint my wonderful mommy mom! 

SO, about my week!! Ohhhhhh my goodness we have a new investigator! Her name is M. I think I mentioned her before. But she is officially an investigator. We taught her part of the Restoration! She had great feedback and there were no conflicts! We have another appointment with her and her 12-year-old daughter this week. 

I may or may not have told you about A. First off, we are obsessed with her! She calls us her daughters and she doesn't like it when we call her A, its Mamanita. She is a character let me just say that haha! She is a 57-year-old African American lady with tons of attitude (she calls herself "ghetto" and "racist" haha) she is a heavy smoker, and has problems with being kind to others that aren't so kind to her and letting go of grudges. It may sound like she has a lot to work on...she does!!! So, a couple of days ago, we randomly felt the need to stop by (we normally set appointments). We usually spend the first 45 minutes of our lessons with her ranting about people who have upset her and then we will read from the Book of Mormon. We weren't expecting anything different this time. We noticed that she had been smoking more than normal judging by the looks of her ash tray which meant she was stressed about something. We both thought that our lesson would be pretty rough. We go on with our visit as usual with her going off on something and in the middle of her rant she mentions that she believes she won't be making it to heaven. Sister Clarke began flipping through her scriptures to Alma 36 and we read that chapter with her. In our discussion, A interrupts and says, "Dis man right here is me, isn’t it?" she caught on quick. Alma committed serious sins and yet he was forgiven! A feels she has sinned so bad that she can't go to heaven. But Alma committed even more serious sins than she has. Everyone can be forgiven! Our lesson was perfect. The Spirit was so strong. A understood. The crazy thing was that Sister Clarke and I both studied Alma 36 for our personal studies. I have a firm testimony about why we study. It was because we studied diligently that morning that the spirit was able to work through us and what we studied was exactly what A needed in that very moment. We were all on Cloud-9 after the lesson! A was actually a bit spooked on how perfect that chapter was for her haha! She continued to read her Book of Mormon that night after we left. 

That miracle we had with A was followed by several other little miracles. This week just felt smooth. Don't get me wrong we had plenty of times where we could have chosen to be discouraged but with Sister Clarke's help, I am in love with being a part of the Lord's work again. 

Time after time we are asked what our favorite part about being a missionary is. My favorite part is seeing how the Spirit softens hearts. It is the neatest thing. Even when it is so subtle or small, we can see it and it is amazing. There is nothing like it. Even if the people we talk to that feel the Spirit never get baptized, they get a small taste of what the gift of the Holy Ghost feels like. For most of the people we talk to out here, that in of itself is a miracle.

Well that sums up my week! There is more but I just can't really think right now! Remember how much I love you mom! I can't wait to see my wonderful family on Sunday!!!! We are trying to set up skyping times. How does 4 work?? Let me know. 

God be with you till we meet again!

I love you tons!!!!!!!

Sister Allred

Favorite quote of the week from Mom:

Elder S. Mark Palmer: "Anytime you feel you are being asked to do something hard, think of the Lord beholding you, loving you, and inviting you to follow Him."

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