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I finished the Book of Mormon! - June 5, 2017 - Apple Valley

Hello hello my wonderful mommy mom!!

Mom! I am so excited for Preston! Thank you for making such a valiant effort on helping him prepare for his mission!

I am feeling much better!! I received a blessing and by Tuesday I felt great. I was ready to get back to work!

Again, I'm sorry! I'm going to try to make this a quick email. We are in the library today and we have a limited amount of time on the computers. Transfers happened! Sister Clarke and I are staying!!!!!! Thank goodness. I am not ready to leave this area yet! Miracles keep happening!

MOM! I FINALLY FINISHED THE BOOK OF MORMON!!! Wooooooow!!!! As I read Moroni 10, and read Moroni's dying testimony about Jesus Christ and His perfect gospel, I felt the spirit so strong I could not hold back my tears! I cannot deny that the Book of Mormon is true! I LOVE THE BOOK OF MORMON!! One of the Sisters captured the moment after I finished it! I will hopefully send you the picture next week! 

Here's the moment that Sister Sowby captured
when I finished the Book of Mormon!!!! 

Last week was amazing!!!!!! all starts with the lesson we had with L. I don't know how much I talked about her but she's 12 years old. Her life is very hard. Her biological father just got custody over her because her mom is a drug addict. Her stepdad who helped raised her was also killed. Her property looks like a junk yard and she lives in a tiny trailer that is separate from her dad. Kids don't like her at school but somehow, she stays really happy! At least around us. Her dad is atheist so it is a miracle that he is letting us teach her! Her dad seems to really like us because L has been behaving better since we have been teaching her. We are so thankful that we have his permission to help her about the joys that come from living the gospel!

So, we taught L this week and it was awesome! We brought one of our young women to our lesson about the Book of Mormon. It was such a wonderful lesson! Sister Clarke gave L a CTR ring and she beamed! We all made us a little chant with her and we shout, "Choose the Right!" at the end! AHH we love her!!! She is very enthusiastic about the things that she learns about the gospel and she loves doing the commitments or in her words the "homework" we give her. Please pray for her! This little angel needs all the prayers she can get!

We have a new investigator named K! She has been a potential investigator for a while. I met her once when I first got to the field. I just felt she was special. I don't know there was just something about her but we felt it wasn't quite her time. However, Sister Tate and I as well with Sister Clarke, has tried to see her multiple times since and we were never able to talk with her. UNTIL on Monday we tried one more time. Her boyfriend (whom we have meet before) walked out of the garage and started to tell us she wasn't home. But oh, my goodness...she walked out from behind her car and stopped him! She apologized to us and admitted that she has been hiding from us but that she felt the sudden urge to talk to us. She explained how crazy her life has been getting, the death of her brother and then losing her job that she has had for 7 years, she had fallen into depression and extreme anxiety. She has never been depressed before and it has been scaring her. We talked with her for about 45 minutes and at the end of our visit she said she knew that God sent us and she wants to hear the message that we share. We had dinner with her and her family on Friday and it was wonderful! She is really excited to read the Book of Mormon and "find Jesus again". AHHH we are so thankful!!!!

Okay one last MIRACLE!!! Yesterday, after church we noticed a missed call from an unknown caller. We called it back. A guy named R answered and he said that he noticed us talking to his friend C the day before. C is a potential investigator. He said he was the one that we waved to while he was walking his dog and that he wanted to learn more about the church. Sister Clarke and I were like "WHAAAAT?!?!?" No one ever calls us to learn more. We always have to call them! We meet him later that night. We taught him the Restoration. He was so engaged! He has a huge testimony already!! He kept saying that he feels just like Job and after we taught him about Joseph Smith, he said he feels just like Joseph Smith!! He opened up to us and said that it took a lot of courage to walk to C's house and ask questions about us. He suffers from really bad anxiety so he isn't super social. According to R, C said we were amazing girls who love God and that she recommends he talks with us. So, then he called us! He also said that last month, his pastor spoke with him and said that on June 3, two angels will show you the path that God wants you to take. And then he saw us wave at him and talk to C on that day. While he was telling us this, the spirit was so strong it was unbelievable. At the end of the lesson we asked him to pray about the things that we taught him. He said "I will pray. But I already know that what you have taught me is true because of the way I feel. I have never felt this way before and it just feels right." AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! It was soooooo incredible!!!! We had to teach him outside so we can be obedient. He is 27 years old so we passed him off to the YSA elders. He is so excited to go to check out the YSA ward! Hahaha, we could not even believe what we had experienced last night. It was soooooo cool!!!!!!!

Well that was my week! I typed this a bit fast cause like I said we have to be quick!!! But I had to talk about these amazing people! I'm so grateful for this gospel! I love this work! AHHH Heavenly Father loves His children so much!

Remember that you are always in my prayers! I love you SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!! Have a wonderful week my Mommy Mom!!!

Love Sister Allred


From Mom:

My dear Sister Allred, my sweetie girl!

First of all, tell Sister Clarke "thank you". I loved her letter! It was so sweet and truly made my day! I got it yesterday! Anyway, how was your week? Are you feeling okay? 

Preston had the Trek these past few days. He said he liked Thursday and Friday, but on Saturday a few girls in his family sang three songs over and over for three hours, so that kind of drove him crazy!

Cassie Whitney bore her testimony at the end of testimony meeting today and talked about Trek, and the Women's Pull. She talked about how powerful it was when the guys came down to help, and how she felt the strength of the priesthood. It was very powerful and I had a lot of tears. 

Preston and I had an amazing week. He mentioned to me last week that he doesn't understand very much when he is reading his scriptures. So, of course I prayed, but I also began researching online and at for any books that would help. We also went to Deseret Book to buy his set of missionary scriptures, as he doesn't really like his seminary set (it is a quad), and it is the small size. So, we got the same set that we got for you. He is very happy.

I felt prompted to begin studying with Preston, and I told him we were going to start with 3 Nephi 11. So, we did, and it was an amazing experience. Then we watched the video "My Joy is Full" (the one you used to watch when you were younger that shows the Savior visiting the Nephites, and the children, and the angels...). Anyway, the spirit was very strong. I cried. And he and I talked about the Savior, and the plan of salvation, and the three degrees of glory for a long time. It was like the discussions we would have every once in awhile during scripture time, when one of you would ask a question and then we would discuss the gospel for a long time. It was so cool.

Then, tonight we read 3 Nephi 17, and it was wonderful again! He said he really felt the spirit and can feel his testimony being strengthened. We talked about Jesus healing the sick, and blessing the children, and how sacred the experience was, so sacred that they couldn't even write down the words that He spake.

Anyway, Preston is doing well. I am praying that he will be ready to get his patriarchal blessing soon. I know that will be an amazing experience for him.

I love the gospel so much. It's amazing how the Spirit is so strong when I am studying the gospel, and praying, and pondering. I have been spending almost 2 hours studying every day, as I don't usually go to school until 10. So, I get up early, and pray and study and get ready, and help Grandma. Anyway, I study before and after getting ready, and before and after breakfast. It's kind of crazy but we are getting into a routine.

I am so proud of you. Sister Clarke said you are a wonderful missionary. I know you are working hard. I am glad you are happy. Be strong and of a good courage. I know there are difficult things to overcome, but be strong, and remember the Savior always. Always look up to Him! Be happy and positive, and follow the promptings! May the angels be round about you to bear you up.

I love you so much!
Mommy Mom

Mom's favorite quotes of the week:

Pres. Uchtdorf
Let us follow the example of our Savior, who was meek and lowly, who sought not the praise of men but to do the will of His Father.

Pres. Eyring (this was given in the Priesthood Session, but this can apply to all our callings, and especially to MISSIONARY WORK!)
This is not our work—it is the Lord’s. So the only way to succeed is to rely on Him...
Listen to the words the Lord used to encourage Enoch. They are also His words to you who are called to minister to others as a priesthood holder: “And the Lord said unto Enoch: Go forth and do as I have commanded thee, and no man shall pierce thee. Open thy mouth, and it shall be filled, and I will give thee utterance, for all flesh is in my hands, and I will do as seemeth me good.…

Brethren, our ordination to the priesthood is an invitation from the Lord to walk with Him. And what does it mean to walk with the Lord? It means to do what He does, to serve the way He serves. He sacrificed His own comforts to bless those in need, so that’s what we try to do...We act not for ourselves but for Him. We speak not our words but His. The people we serve come to know Him better because of our service. As soon as we accept the Lord’s invitation “Walk with me,” the nature of our priesthood service changes. It becomes all at once higher and nobler but also more achievable, because we know that we are not alone. I felt this most powerfully when President Thomas S. Monson laid his hands on my head nine years ago and blessed me as I began my service in my current calling. In that blessing, he recited these words of the Savior: “And whoso receiveth you, there I will be also, for I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up” (D&C 84:88).

Elder Ronald A. Rasband
We must act on the first prompting.

Remember the words of Nephi. “I was led by the Spirit, not knowing beforehand the things which I should do. Nevertheless,” he said, “I went forth.” (1 Nephi 4:6-7)

And so must we. We must be confident in our first promptings. Sometimes we rationalize; we wonder if we are feeling a spiritual impression or if it is just our own thoughts. When we begin to second-guess, even third-guess, our feelings—and we all have—we are dismissing the Spirit; we are questioning divine counsel. The Prophet Joseph Smith taught that if you will listen to the first promptings, you will get it right nine times out of ten.

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