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First emails - January 11 & 14, 2017 - MTC

Sister Rebecca Allred enters the MTC!

Pictures at the Provo Temple, prior to taking Sister Allred to the MTC!

Best siblings!

Saying goodbye to my dear missionary daughter!

And she's off!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017
Mommy mom!!!!! This is my first email! I made it! I’m happy and super excited! Give everyone a hug for me:)

Sister Allred

Saturday, January 14, 2017 - 11:18 am
Mommy mom!!!!! So Saturdays are our p-days. I'll send you this little email real quick cause I can't wait to email you!!!! All the missionaries get iPads here in the MTC so that also means on our p-days we get to email whenever we want! I'll send you a long one in about an hour. I just wanted to say I love you!!!

Saturday, January 14, 2017
MOMMY MOM!!!! I miss you!! So Saturdays are my p-days and I’m super excited I can just chill today with my comp. I mean I guess were not really chillin...but compared to the last couple days, today feels like heaven!! We just went to a temple session with all of the missionaries in our zone. I love the Provo temple!!

We are working super hard! Studying is hard, teaching "investigators" is super scary and trying to go to sleep is almost impossible! Haha! But no need to worry mama! I’m loving it so much!!! The halls in the MTC are just flooding with the spirit! I have an amazing companion! Her name is Sister Wood:) we get along really well and we have a ton in common but we definitely have our differences. I love my district and my zone. They are all sooo Christlike and we all build each other up! Its almost weird being around SO much positivity. Everyone is so happy!

So right after you guys dropped me off, I got everything situated in my residence and I met my companion, then we all gathered in a room with all of the new missionaries that arrived on Wednesday. The MTC presidency welcomed us to the MTC and talked to us for about an hour. When the meeting was done, we all sang, "We'll bring the world his truth". AHH I LOVE THAT SONG! They had the words projected up on a screen so we could all sing along. So as we were singing, instead of singing the words "and we will be the Lord's missionaries" they had the words "and we are NOW the Lord's missionaries" ohhhhhh my goodness. That moved my spirit so much! I couldn’t hold back my tears. I looked around me and it seemed that several missionaries were experiencing the same thing. Ah, it was amazing to hear that song from hundreds of young missionaries. I will never forget how that experience made me feel how proud I was to wear Christ's name over my heart. I’m obsessed with the feeling of being missionary!

OH! I had a little miracle today. So the first day, we were all taking pictures of our district and our zone. I accidently dropped my camera. (Sorry mom) anyways, I was certain it was broken. I tried multiple times to get it to work but it wouldn’t budge. I got so scared and I felt so bad. I HADNT EVEN GOTTEN ONE PICTURE! Thursday I tried to fix it. Still wouldn’t work. Yesterday I was talking to the sisters rooming with me about the camera situation because I was so stressed about it. Sister Fiu (she’s from Hawaii and I love her ha-ha) she asked me if I had prayed about it. I was a bit embarrassed because I hadn’t prayed about it. So that night I prayed and I prayed with faith that he could fix my camera or at least help me deal with the situation. So take a wild guess about what happened the next morning............the first thing I did this morning (well I said my prayers first ha-ha) but then I hurried and checked my camera. MOM!!! My camera is fine. It’s working perfectly. God is so good and he answers prayers! I love him so much and it’s so wonderful to know he is ALWAYS here for us whenever and wherever.

Tell the fam how much I love them!!!!!!!!!!! And how much I love my mission!! Also I’m soooo grateful for our family, the gospel, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith, the restoration, and missionary work! AND I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! I couldn't have made it out here without my beloved MOMMY MOM!!! Haha I miss saying that.

THE CHURCH IS TRUE AND THE BOOK IS BLUE! (Remember Ben used to say that? haha)

God be with you till we meet again❤

Sister Allred

PS. So we do have iPads... and that means we are allowed to email whenever we have any time to on p-day. So we are allowed to email a couple times just as long as we have time. You will probably get another email a bit later. If I have time. OKAY LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

Also thank you for the dearelder letters yesterday. THEY’RE REALLY UPLIFTING ME!!!

View of the Provo City Center Temple as we drove out of Provo!

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