Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Answers to prayers - July 24, 2017 - Apple Valley

Ignore the mess in the back. The other Sisters were about to take out the trash. But haha in her words, Sister Sowby said she "had to capture another precious moment from Sister Clarke and Sister Allred." We love each other and we love the work!!

I love the picture too. It's one of my favorites!

Hi Mommy Mom!!

I haven't gotten the shoes yet. We just ran out of time. Hopefully next week. But I did get the dress today!!! I LOVE it! It is so comfortable and pretty and modest! I'm wearing it right now๐Ÿ˜Š Thank you for getting it for me! Also, I got that thing notarized and sent off. We just got it done at UPS. They sent it will be mailed at 3:00 p.m. today. I'm so relieved that I finally got that done!

How are you???? I was missing my family last week! I'm glad you had a nice time at the reunion. Whenever we walk past a pine tree, which isn't very often, I immediately think of Pine Valley. Do you remember when me and Preston would just go to Pine Valley?? That was so fun!

How did grandma do at the reunion? Also did Gentry go??

Your testimony is beautiful. You nearly got my tears flowing๐Ÿ’• I remember the countless times you bore your testimony to us and in sacrament meeting. I cherish those moments and memories because many times it was because of your testimony and your love for the gospel that got us through tough times.

Last week was a busy one! Sadly, we haven't been able to meet with M or L this week. However, we still contact them often. Like that last couple of weeks, we did a lot of tracting again! Several people were found that are willing listen to our message. And we are pleased to say.......We have 2 new investigators!!!! YAY!!!!! Their names are D and J.

D is as cute as a button. She is about our age and she lives with her boyfriend who is religious and he has been wanting her to "find Jesus". She is so open. We found out that she has even been to our church before about a year ago!! When we found her, we talk her the Plan of Salvation at her door and she wants to know more. She is the sweetest person ever!!! So, we are very excited to see how the gospel will bless her life :)

And sweet little J. She is about in her 60's and she's a die-hard catholic.  We tracted into her husband a couple of weeks ago and he said that what we teach is more for his wife. Last week after some of our appointments fell through, we stopped by their house. J greeted us and we talked for a little bit. We commented on the picture of Christ that she had in her entry way and she insisted that we come in and see the plaque she has of the 10 commandments. Then she offered us some water and she showed us around her house. She had some amazing historical pictures of her family! *BOOM* in came our introduction to family history! She was so giddy and excited about it! She couldn't believe that our church has a family history center! She mentioned that she really admired us that she wanted to know what we believe as Mormons and what we teach. *BOOM* Restoration!! Our lesson was nearly perfect. The spirit was so present. Tears were shed when we testified about the first vision and the restoration of the priesthood. She asked us about the Book of Mormon and then we showed her a few versus inside it. As we were wrapping up our lesson we told her that the Book of Mormon was our gift to her. She was speechless! She then eagerly asked us when we could come back. AHHH!!!! It was an experience that I will never forget.

We slept very deeply last week! The work is going great. We are being blessed each and every day with strength from Heavenly Father. He is answering our desperate pleas. We are finding those searching for the truth and we are loving every minute of it! I know this truly is the Lord's church on the earth. This is His work. This is His gospel. It is our duty as members of His church to declare His gospel to those who are prepared to listen. God desires His children to return to Him. They are out there and He is trusting us to find them.

Moses 1:39
For behold, this is my work and my glory—to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.


Sister Allred

Oh yes, I got the cookies and I shared them with the zone. hahaha I had no choice!! When missionaries spot a package of cookies.... forget it!!๐Ÿ˜‚

I told Preston a few weeks ago to ask you if you could order him some talks by Hank Smith. Did he ask you? I asked him to do that because Hank Smith is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!! And he just understands teenagers. I like him better than John Bytheway and that is hard to achieve!!! Preston will really like his talks!

Did I tell you that my mtc comp, sister wood, is in my zone?? she told me to tell you "Hi"๐Ÿ˜Š BYE MOMMY MOM!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

From Mom:
My testimony grows stronger everyday... My faith grows stronger everyday... I believe and know it all so deeply. There are no doubts for me concerning the gospel. But I also know that I must read and study and pray continually, and when I have questions, sometimes I must wait for the answer to come. It is interesting that in so many things I have had to wait for answers, and that takes so much patience and faith. I pray for strength to keep going, to keep enduring. This has been a difficult year, and it finally feels like the 2017 chapter of adversity is winding down. But I know a new chapter will open up. It always does! But I do know that as I stay faithful and keep my eyes on eternity that I can have the strength to go on.

Be strong and of a good courage, my beautiful daughter! May the angels be round about you to bear you up!

I love you so much!

Mommy Mom

Quote of the week from Mom:
Elder Scott Grow, April 2017: "Scripture study becomes the channel for the Spirit to give each of us a customized tutorial. As you study the scriptures each day, alone, and with your family, you will learn to recognize the voice of the Spirit and will come to know God.”


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