Thursday, July 19, 2018

This week was awesome - May 1, 2017 - Apple Valley

Hello Mommy Mom!!

This might be a quick email today. I have a pretty bad migraine.

Wow!! Preston actually went to SYMTC!??! MOM!! He is such a special kid. I love him so much. When I think about how much potential he has I try not to get emotional haha!

So, this week was awesome!! We did soooo much work. I'm exhausted. But I know that this is how obedient are expected to feel and it feels great but it's overwhelming! Sister Clarke is a huge blessing. She radiates with the spirit, loves everyone, and is SO Christlike!!  

We saw a bunch of less-actives this week! One family we visited, the "A" family, they haven't been to our ward for a while. They always go to the Samoan ward. But anyways we have just been trying to build their faith in Christ. So, we talked with them for a while and we shared my favorite scripture, John 14:27, the one that is on my plaque. Sister 'A" was so still. She then quietly told us that she needed that. One of my favorite things about being a missionary simply is helping someone feel our Savior's love for them which has happened multiple times this week!

We also went tracting this week! It was my second time since being in the field. Tracting is scary because we meet people that think we are evil, or don't believe in God and it hurts, but when we meet people who are willing to hear what we have to say, it is the best feeling ever after you have been rejected. We gave away 2 Book of Mormons! After 2 months of not giving a single person a Book of Mormon we gave out 2 in one day. Ohhhhhh it was glorious! 

I'm not sure what else to say. We need to leave pretty soon.

How come Preston didn't email me?? He needs to know really look forward to his emails because he makes me laugh, and he is my best friend! I don't laugh very much anymore...haha it sucks!!

Mom!! Don't ask me how.... because I have no clue.... but I am down to 2 garment bottoms and 3 tops. I'm pretty irritated about that I have no idea where all of them went! Can I order some more garments? Also, is it okay if I order the institute manuals for the old and new testament, book of Mormon, d&c, and pearl of great price? I was using one of our roommates for a while because she didn't use them much (she's a genius!) but she got transferred. The manuals really helped me get the most out of my personal studies! 

I love you so much mom!! Thank you for the help you give me. It helps me more than you will probably ever know. You truly are my biggest role model. I told Sister Clarke this morning that I want to be just like you. Your testimony, your love for our Savior, your diligence, my goodness mom I strive to be like you! Please remember your worth to your kids and above all our Heavenly Father!

I love you!!! I hope your week is wonderful! 

Love your sweetie girl, Sister Allred

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