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The Lord blesses His missionaries - May 29, 2017 - Apple Valley

We were being goofy in our matching leggings!

Hello my mother dearest!

FYI I’m really sick today so I’m going to make my email kinda quick. also, the other missionaries are being a bit rowdy today.... I’m having a hard time focusing!! 

Thank you for your email! It made me smile. as they always do! 

I’m so excited for Preston. he has so much potential it's insane. He is an incredible guy and I love and miss him! But I am so proud of him! 

Grandma is looking good! How are her lessons going? Haha she is such a tough cookie. Also, how are Ben and Lindsay doing?? I never hear from them. Spencer emails me often and I’m so excited for Juna!!!!!!!!!! I was trying not to scream when I read his email. Hahahahahaha they will be AMAZING parents!!!!!

Personal and comp study is an hour each. They are usually my favorite parts of the day! I used to have a really hard time focusing during studies and sometimes I still do, but I talked to president Taylor about it and he suggested that I study strictly for the people we teach instead of myself. I never thought about that but he was so right! During my personal studies I would be studying for myself, how I can be a better missionary, and how quick I can read the chapters in the book of Mormon because I still haven’t finished it. But as I applied president Taylor’s suggestion I was getting way more out of my studies as I studied for others and their needs instead of my own. Funny how that works!

So, some highlights about this week. We biked almost every day this week! On Monday, we had to bike 5 miles to dinner and I got heat stroke! It was kind of scary! We got a ride home from a member but the next day I felt strengthened and ready to go! The Lord really does bless his missionaries! Speaking of the Lord blessing his missionaries, last week in Ontario, a set of sisters were t-boned by a drunk driver. Their car flipped THREE times. they crawled out of their car which was upside down with very minor injuries. A few scrapes and bruises. They are okay!!!! The doctor said they shouldn't be alive. They will continue to serve their mission!!!! HUGE MIRACLE!!!

 On Tuesday, we taught all 3 of our investigators. Anita, M, and L! 

With Anita, we were actually planning on dropping her. like I mentioned before, she is stubborn. during our visit before the one we had with her on Tuesday, she shot us down a bit and said she will never be baptized because she just doesn't belong with "people like us". It was strange. She had never talked to us like that. So yes, we were going to drop her but during our visit Sister Clarke and I both felt that now wasn't the time to drop her. We are still not sure why but we will continue to teach her. 

Our lesson with M was pretty good! We taught her the plan of salvation. She loved the lesson! But her church, the High Desert Church, teaches the plan of salvation except they don’t teach the 3 degrees of glory. We can't really tell how far we are getting through with her. But we will keep teaching her. We are surprised that she keeps setting up appointments with us. We have scheduled a church tour with her! We are excited for that. Church tours are really fun!

L's lesson was awesome! We taught her the restoration. as we were talking about priesthood authority and baptism, they said "I want to be baptized!" Hahahaha she is sooo cute and so sweet! She has so much desire to follow Christ's example.

We have a new investigator!! Her name is M and she is about 80 years old. She is literally THE SWEETEST LITTLE THING!! She LOVES Christ! I can't believe she has never met missionaries before. if you met her, you would think she is a member. I can just picture her being a temple worker! After we left her house Sister Clarke looked at me and said, "She has been waiting so long to be taught the gospel." And that stuck with me throughout this week. There are so many people that have been waiting so long to hear our message and we get to deliver it to them. How cool is that!?!?

I'm going to leave it at that. I’m really exhausted! I was given a blessing last night so that will help! We are going to get lunch and then I’m going to sleep! 

I love you my beautiful mommy mom!!! Have a wonderful week!

Love, Sister Allred


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