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Submit to His will - July 17, 2017 - Apple Valley

I hit my 6th month mark!

Our awesome zone before transfers!

These are the cute chinese girls that fed us AMAZING authentic chinese food!

My wonderful Mommy Mom,

I hope you had a nice week! In Preston's email it sounded like you are having the family reunion??

AHHH I miss the fam! Tell everyone I love them and give everyone hugs for me...especially the little kiddies!!!!

I feel like I had a few things to ask you but I can only think of one. Can I buy a new pair of shoes? My tracting shoes are never going to wear down haha they are so nice! But my nicer ones are starting bug me. I think they have some pretty reasonably priced shoes at Target or Ross. Just let me know.

So, last week was a real blur. We did quite a lot of tracting and found a lot of people to teach!

We did have a lesson with M. It went so well!! We did an object lesson about the church that Christ set up on the church and all of the principals he taught. So, we do it with cups and we stack them up in a pyramid.  It's a great visual for the apostasy and the restoration. Spencer and Ben probably know what I’m talking about haha! Anyways it was super cool because it helped her understand the Priesthood more. She mentioned how awesome it was that it answered some of her questions that she didn't realize she had. WHAT?! Okay we'll except that! Haha so yes M is doing well.

I have a special request. Will you pray for my dear Sister Clarke? Her grandpa just passed away. She has never experienced a death in the family before. It's hard for her because she is so close to going home and she feels like she just missed him. She is a trooper and we know her testimony will be strengthened as she endures. Please keep her in your prayers💕

Not much else to report on. Ohhhhh yeah. One more thing. TRANSFERS HAPPENED! Drum roll please......................Sister Clarke and I are staying in Apple Valley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHA!!! I get to send Sister Clarke home!!!!!!! This is her very last transfer!! WHAT A PRIVILEGE!!!

I honestly really didn't want to stay. I mean this is my 5th transfer and I'm still in the same ward (didn't Spencer go through this too? Except his situation was a bit rougher of coarse). I have been feeling like I need some change. We are just really comfortable here and that's not necessarily a good thing as a missionary. However shortly after we got the news, I had an unmistakable impression as to why I am staying here for so long. I'm really looking forward to what the Lord has in store for our area. I am slowly learning to submit to His will. He KNOWS what this area needs. He knows what Sister Clarke and I need. It is going to be an amazing transfer😊

Thank you for all the love and prayers mom! I love you so much and I am thankful for your good works❤❤❤

God be with you till we meet again. The church is true and the book is blue!

Sister Allred

Rancho Cucamonga for a doctor visit

Sister Clarke's awesome hair skills😄

Favorite quote of the week from Mom:
I just remembered this wonderful quote by Sister Linda S. Reeves, from the General Women's Meeting in 2015:

"Sisters, I do not know why we have the many trials that we have, but it is my personal feeling that the reward is so great, so eternal and everlasting, so joyful and beyond our understanding that in that day of reward, we may feel to say to our merciful, loving Father, “Was that all that was required?” I believe that if we could daily remember and recognize the depth of that love our Heavenly Father and our Savior have for us, we would be willing to do anything to be back in Their presence again, surrounded by Their love eternally. What will it matter, dear sisters, what we suffered here if, in the end, those trials are the very things which qualify us for eternal life and exaltation in the kingdom of God with our Father and Savior?"


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