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I love the MTC - January 28, 2017 - MTC

January 28, 2017

MOMMY MOM! I love that talk!! Give a hug to everyone for me. I MISS AND LOVE MY FAMILY!!

So this week I feel like it was pretty chill. I’m getting along with my companion super well. I’m really appreciating role-plays now. THEY HELP SO MUCH! I still don’t really like them but now that I’ve seen how much they have helped our teaching, so I make sure I do them as much as I can. Teaching investigators is pretty fun now. Teaching for even 5 minutes used to scare me so bad but now me and my companion wish that we could teach for an hour because 25 minutes isn’t enough!!! Hahaha its crazy how much I’ve been learning! Sister wood and I are teaching the lesson for our district meeting tomorrow. Our topic is on enduring to the end. Could you give me some ideas?? Maybe some quotes or conference talks that we can read. That would help a lot.

We're all kind of freaking out this week because half of our district is leaving on Monday and the other half stays for another week to have visitor center training. My district/zone have become my family and I love them more than I can describe. We are so close its CRAZY!!!! We have all helped each other have the best experience we can here at the MTC. I’m going to miss them so much! I can’t believe the kind of relationships we have made in such a short amount of time. I LOVE THE MTC!!!!!!!!!

With that being said I can't wait to get out in the field. We had in-field orientation yesterday. Hahaha it was a LOOOONG day. But I learned a lot. It was ben or spencer that told me (or both of them) that having a good relationship with the members is so important. If we set a good impression/example to the ward, they will trust us to give us referrals. I didn’t even think about that!!! We also learned how to teach people in the airport or on the bus haha! It was pretty fun. So even though I’m super sad to be leaving my MTC family on Monday, I know my purpose and I really feel like I’m ready. I’m ready to get to work. I’m ready to get doors slammed in our face, to have people yell at us, to be rejected, and to be so tired that I might possibly fall asleep on my knees. But above all, I’m ready to teach those the Lord has prepared for me. The field is white and ready to harvest! Apparently it says that in the scriptures 52 times I think?? So what is God trying to tell us...people are ready to hear the gospel!!! Even if they don’t know it! The church is growing so fast! The Lord is hastening the work! The church is true! I love Joseph Smith! I know that no one else could have restored the gospel of Jesus Christ except him. He had so much faith and so much courage! I’m so grateful for the guidance of the Spirit.  I love Jesus Christ. I’m so grateful for His atoning sacrifice and His perfect example! I love my Heavenly Father. I see His hand in my life constantly every single day. I love this gospel and I love being a missionary!!!!! We'll bring the world His truth!

Sister Allred

Dear Sister Allred,

Well, this is your last P-day at the MTC! It feels like it went so fast. I can hardly believe that you will be flying out on Monday! WOW! I want to hear how you are doing, how you are feeling, and I especially want to hear about all the wonderful experiences you have been having this week.

YOU ARE ONE OF THE LORD'S MISSIONARIES! I love that my beautiful sweetie girl is serving the Lord! I'm so proud of you. I'm so happy that you are learning and growing and feeling the spirit!

Let me know your flight plans so I can think about you during that time, and pray for you. Are you allowed to call your family from the airport? Let me know.

I told you in the letter I sent that cute little Benjamin was asking for you! He really loves you (Becca)! It's hard at his age to understand what is going on. All of your little cousins love you so much. You are such a special, beautiful young woman, and you are a stunningly beautiful sister missionary!

I just watched a "Mormon Message," by Elder Holland, "Where Justice, Love and Mercy Meet." I love this quote:

Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son of God, suffered, died, and rose from death in order that He could, like lightning in a summer storm, grasp us as we fall, hold us with His might, and through our obedience to His commandments, lift us to eternal life.

May the angels be round about you to bear you up!

I love you, my beautiful sweetie girl!


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