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A qualified missionary - August 14, 2017 - Apple Valley

Our beautiful area😁

Here are the new house mates we got at the beginning of the new transfer!
I can't believe I haven't told you about them yet!!
Sister Staples is a brand-new missionary!
And Sister Mayo is from the Philippines. They both are AMAZING!!!! 
We are soooo blessed to live with them and serve with them!  

!!WARNING!! So sorry if my email is all over the place and doesn't really make much sense. I have a really bad migraine haha!

My dearest Mommy,

Thank you for your email! I'm glad to hear that my sweet family is doing so well. Thank you for praying for me and Sister Clarke always. I love how loving you are to my dear companion. She is such a blessing to meThank you for being such a wonderful mother!!!!!!!

Yesterday at church the focus was on marriage and families!! It made me so happy. And for young women's we read through the Family: A Proclamation to the World and Sister Clarke and I just wanted to talk about our families ALL DAY! 

So, last week was CRAZY! We found 3 new investigators. All just so willing to learn. How blessed are we to teach them!?!? 

S was a referral from the YSA elders. She is a single mom with 2 kids. She has already been to church 5 times at a different ward. We taught her the Plan of Salvation and she soaked everything in. She is so ready.  Before she was passed over to us she had already created a plan for her to stop drinking coffee. Like WHAT??? In her words, she's eager to be worthy to be baptized! She's incredible!! 

Also, her daughter, age 6, I swear is just like me when I was a little girl. Boy is she sassy! She is obsessed with animals and princesses. She's just a little tom boyish and loves to climb on things. Her favorite chores are mopping and dusting. Shannon said that since her little brother was born she has not been wanting to "give up her spot" and started getting anxiety after her father left. Sound familiar!? Haha I bonded with her really fast and S was surprised! My goodness I love that little girl!!!!

Something I have learned in my studies is that there is a big difference from being a "called" missionary to being a "qualified" missionary. The steps that we need to be qualified missionaries is 1) having faith in Jesus Christ. 2) Having hope. 3) Having charity and love. 4) And having an eye single to the glory of God. Having learned that, I have a lot to work on! I want to be one who is qualified to be a part of His work. 

There was so much that happened last week I can't really seem to put it in words. It was amazing. Sister Clarke and I are having crazy amounts of motivation as she is getting ready to go home in 2 weeks. We are working so hard and praying even harder.

 I have developed a deep love for praying.  I now keep a prayer journal and right down questions that I want to ask Heavenly Father. I am finally getting out of the habit of robotic prayers. I love talking with Him, asking Him questions, waiting and listening to Him. 

Sometime last week I found myself frustrated with my weaknesses. Sister Clarke suggested that I ask God to help me and then she suggested that I go outside. I thought "Why on earth would I pray outside??" Then she said she notices that when we are outside I am much more calm and focused. So, I made the discovery that praying outside helps me stay focused and it also helps me feel closer to Heavenly Father. We have a teeny tiny little backyard but it's private enough for me to pray out there. So, when I prayed I asked God what I can do to turn my weaknesses into strength. My answer was to focus my studies on Christ!!! How brilliant!!! Christ was the perfect example and of course I am trying to be more like Christ every day! So, when I read that when you study the scriptures, you study about our Savior in the Topical Guide....WHOA!!!! Another answer to prayer!!! My goodness. I am so grateful. I have also been reading Jesus the Christ and I have been learning so much. I love my Savior and He is my best friend💕

Thank you for all of your prayers and for supporting me in my spectacular adventure of serving the Lord and finding those searching for the truth. There is nothing better. I love every day, every minute, and every second I am out here being a missionary. Thank you, mom, for helping me get out here in the field. I love you so much and I hope your week is full of blessings!

Keep trying. Keep trusting. Keep believing. Keep growing. Heaven will be cheering you on today, tomorrow, and forever.


Sister Allred

We had a special lesson with Sister Koons and her nearly perfect daughter Ella. This little girl is remarkable. We knew that Ella's 8th birthday was soon so our lesson was about how we are princesses because we are daughters of a Heavenly King. It was such a perfect lesson for her!! We gave her a little crown to wear and in the middle of it she ran and changed into her dress so she could "feel even more like heavenly father's princess" ❤

This is the handicapped man I told you about. He has a heart of gold!!

Last P-day we had fun making bath soaps at a less active member's house
and she her pitbull recently had 9 puppies😍💕

We have family home evening with the sweet ladies
at the Rock Springs retirement home every Thursday night❤

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